Landscape Lighting - Illuminate your Garden

Landscape Lighting or Nitescaping is the Art of illuminating your Garden in a harmonious style to create a pleasant ambience during evening hours. 

Whether for the purposes of exterior dining or to create a spectacular view form houses interior Landscape lighting is the perfect way to increase the value of your property and create a more secure landscape.

Landscape Lighting is now a dedicated design service and a number of styles and tones are averrable to suit your garden

The key to creating the best possible light design is to gently illuminate the features of your garden without a glaring or overpowered effect. This is no easy task. Essential to this is the correct lighting units for the environment. Modern LED lighting or Light Emitting Diodes have a warm, natural glow and are extremely low voltage meaning the overall costs are minimised throughout the year.

Highlighting the gardens planting and the shadows cast from Tree ferns or the Ornamental leaves of Acer Japonica Maple Trees will create spectacular backdrops. Equally shining a light on landscape FootPaths and/or Bespoke Stonework can give your garden a really distinct effect at night that occupants could miss during the day.

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