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Granite is formed by magma that cools very slowly into hard rock below or within the Earths crust. The coloring of granite stone is not uniform, it may be predominantly black or white or a variety of grays, pinks and red. Granite Slabs and Granite Tiles can be put to a large variety of uses like flooring of interiors, construction of monuments and memorials, manufacturing of kitchen platform, sink, pillars, decorative slabs, etc. We are wholesale suppliers and exporters of Granite Slabs and Granite Tiles from India.When laying your new patio it is always advisable to seal all natural stone to protect the surface and aesthetic of stone. Dry-Treat is a proven molecular level bonding sealant that last for 15 years.

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Landscape Stone paving...

provides a solid and natural structure to your Garden. Forms of Paving stone used in Ireland Includes:

Slate Found in many gardens in Ireland due to its hardwearing and low maintenance properties 

Limestone Sourced from India and Ireland a very hard surface that holds colour and form.The term Limestone is applied to naturally quarried stone consisting essentially of Calcite elements. There is a lot of different shades of Limestone available in Ireland through importation. Different tones are meant for different applications mainly for garden footpaths, patios and cladding of garden walls. Kota limestone is one of most popular limestones available in Ireland. There are also a variety of finishes for stone surface, either natural rustic finish,  honed or saw calibrated.

Granite is formed by volcanic magma that cools slowly into hard rock just below or within the topography of Earths crust. The colouring of natural granite stone is not quite uniform, it is usually either predominantly black or white with a variety of grays, pinks and red also available. Granite paving Slabs and Granite Tiles can be put to a large variety of uses like landscape architecture, construction of large scale monuments, kitchen countertops, platforms, pillars, patios and decorative slabs, etc.  Sourced from China, India and locally from Ireland. Universally available in Silver, Gold and Black Granite. Known for its extremely hard-wearing surface and reflective zinc elements that give Granite is distinctive and desirable aesthetic. Granite is a very popular choice for Garden owners in Ireland due to its clean smooth finish and lifetime durability. 

Sandstone Sand - stone is a beautiful classtic sedimentary stone that is quarried from vast landscapes of Jhalaware Rajasthan India and is naturally composed of minute sand-sized minerals or rock grains giving it it's distinctive natural earthy tones of rich vibrant colour.Quarried Rock formations being primarily composed of sandstone usually have percolation of aquatic and other fluids that are porous enough to gather oversize volumes, thus making them invaluable for exterior applications. Sandstone is mined by quarrying deeply into bed-rock near coastal areas of India. It is always found in areas where there was previously lakes or seabeds. It is usually formed in extreme deserted areas and dry locales such as Rajasthan.

Toughness, Unique Aesthetic and the Porosity characteristics of sandstone make it
ideal for Garden and landscape Paving, footpaths patios and Walling etc, available in 24 variety of colors, sizes , shapes and Finishes.

Commonly laid in 'Mint' 'Modak' 'Cameldust' and Raveena there is actually 24 different choices of sandstone available in patio or paving format. imported from 2 quarrys In India Sandstone is one of the most popular choices of Natural stone for Garden landscaping in Ireland. Sealing sandstone in Dry-Treat natural sealer is always advisable due to its porous nature

Travertine Italian Stone Tile. Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by active mineral hot springs. Italian Travertine often has a very fibrous or concentric aesthetic and is available in cream, beige, walnut and tan tones

Newgrange from Kilsaran a precast hardwearing paver with natural tones and colours

Bradstone Precast concrete paving range available in a variety of styles and finishes